0 The best places for dinner on the slopes of Cervinia and Zermatt

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For successful skiing, you need to be full of energy. And where is the way to take this energy? Of course, from various luxury foods offered at the ski restaurants. European products are famous for their freshness and high taste. That is why food prepared of them is extremely delicious. In today's article, we provide you insight into the best restaurants of Cervinia and Zermatt.

Cervinia is a ski resort in Italy. A signature moment of the resort are the views of the unique Matterhorn ice pyramid – it is a natural masterpiece. There are about 160 kilometers of various trails laid here.

So, where to eat in Cervinia? The best and most elegant place here is La Chandelle restaurant, in English translation it means "Candle". It is located in the exquisite "Hermitage" hotel, which has “five stars class” status. "Candle" in Cervinia is twice Michelin starred, and this already speaks for itself. We recommend you to try local specialty, and give relish to dishes with the first-class Italian wines.

Another paradise for gourmets in Cervinia is the restaurant at Les Neiges d'Antan Hotel. The flavor of this place is seasonal cuisine. Products from the rigorously selected farms are delivered here. Cooking time is accurately cleared up in order to deliver all the tastiness.

For romance, without a moment’s hesitation you can go to Le Vieux Grenier Restaurant restaurant. Here they have candlelight dinners. The restaurant is so popular that it is better to take care of booking a table in advance. Home-made pasta and desserts are beyond praise here.

And to eat pizza in Cervinia it is best to go to Falcone pizzeria-bar. Prices here are a welcome surprise - a huge pizza costs 8-12 euro.


And what about the neighborhood Zermatt resort? Where can I have lunch or dinner there?

Zermatt is located in Switzerland. There are also perfect views of the beautiful Matterhorn ice pyramid. And what is more it is possible to reach one resort from the other staying on ski trail. And, if in Cervinia you can enjoy the delicacies of Italian cuisine, in Zermatt they are Swiss already.

Zermatt is a ski resort in Switzerland, it is located in the very heart of the Swiss Alps, there are the longest trails and elevations here.

Le Mazot restaurant is designed in a true Swiss style. They have amazing grilled dishes. We recommend you to taste a lamb cooked on charcoal. It is not so easy to get into Prato Borni restaurant in Zermatt resort. There is a strict dress code, the guests should be in dinner clothes only. But it is the place where you can arrange a stunning romantic evening with first-class wine, the best tasty lobster in Thermidor sauce and finger-licking Suzette pancakes.

Heimberg restaurant offers a modern taste of classic Swiss dishes. Serving dishes here turns into a real show. They have excellent service and an almost endless wine list.

If you want something exotic, in Lanna Thai restaurant you can be carried away to hot Thailand. Here they offer oriental cuisine for those who prefer spicy dishes.

Near Cervinia there is Valtournenche resort which is a part of Cervinia. It is the highest ski resort in Italy. The main feature of this place is that it works all year round, snow lies here even in July and August. Climbing higher is worth not only for trails, they are excellent here, but for enjoying various delicacies, which are also beyond praise here.

 You’d better visit Big Ben Pizzeria in Valtournenche on Friday or Sunday, because these are fish days here. And Italian seafood is famous for its freshness and useful properties.

And of course, it is Valtournenche where you should try the dishes of valdosta cuisine. Here you can find them almost at any restaurant. The main feature of this cuisine is that all the ingredients the dishes are prepared of are grown in the region of Valle d'Aosta mountain valley. And this is the very ideal alpine valley, familiar to all of us by TV ads - emerald grass, mountains and cows grazing in this beautiful place. The air here is clean and fresh, and the water has its own unique taste. Dishes made of local products are very special. You can taste delicacies of Valdostan cuisine in the following restaurants -  Antica trattoria Lo Gurfo, Brasserie Du Cervin, Jaj Alaj and La Goille.