0 Climbing Matterhorn ice pyramid. Thrill rides in Switzerland

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Climbing Matterhorn ice pyramid. Thrill rides in Switzerland

Matterhorn pyramid looks cosmic. It is such a giant tooth that stands out in the Alps thanks to its unusual shape. There is a feeling that this is some kind of extraterrestrial construction. Extreme lovers climb the unique pyramid and even schuss from it. Free ride is also popular in this mountain area.

Wonder of nature

Some creations of nature are amazing. And Matterhorn ice pyramid is one of them. This is such a broken tetrahedron, the height of which is 4 and a half thousand meters. It is considered to be the most photogenic place in the Alps, photos and videos made here are perfect. And it is known as very difficult to win. The first ascent ended tragically. And only in the second half of the 19th century it was succeeded to win the top of Matterhorn.

Skating overlooking the pyramid

Matterhorn pyramid the brightest pearl of beauty of Zermatt resort. There are about 360 kilometers of trails of different level complexity. And skiing almost on any of them you can admire the beautiful views of this mountain with such a unique shape. Skiers feel that Matterhorn, like a guardian angel, is constantly watching them. The best view overlooking the unusual pyramid opens from Monte Rosa view point, at the altitude of 3089 meters. Free ride is very popular in this mountain area.

You can lift up to the hill side of Matterhorn pyramid, there are lifts and funiculars. When does the season for skiing start in the area of ​​the ice pyramid? The snow lies here from the middle of October. And all the riding zones are open from  November 25.

How to get to Matterhorn Pyramid

Matterhorn mountain looks like a pyramid, that is why people called it Matterhorn pyramid. It has a unique location on the border between two countries - Italy and Switzerland. And this means that you can get here from any of these countries. And, if you go from the Swiss side - on your way you will see amazing views. The highway runs along Rhone river, which flows into Geneva Lake. We highly recommend this route. From the Italian side it is also convenient to reach Matterhorn from Turin or Aosta.

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