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    Are you ready to elevate your travel experience to new heights? Look no further than our premium transfer services. Designed for discerning travelers like you, our services offer a level of luxury and comfort unmatched by traditional transportation methods. Let us take you on a journey of inspiration and discovery, where every mile is an adventure waiting to be explored. Why Choose Transfer Services? 1. Seamless Transfers: Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating unfamiliar streets or waiting in long taxi queues. With our transfer services, your journey begins the moment you step off the plane. Our professional drivers will be waiting to greet you with a warm smile and whisk you away to your destination in style. 2. Ultimate Comfort: Traveling should be a pleasure, not a chore. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort every step of the way. From our luxurious vehicles equipped with plush seating to our attentive drivers who cater to your every need, we spare no expense in providing you with the ultimate travel experience. 3. Personalized Service: At the heart of our transfer services is a commitment to personalized service. We understand that every traveler is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet your individual preferences and requirements. Whether you need a last-minute change of plans or special accommodations for a special occasion, we've got you covered. Unlock Your Potential Embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration with our transfer services. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, alone or with loved ones, we're here to turn your travel dreams into reality. So why wait? Unlock your potential and experience the world in a whole new light with our premium transfer services. Book you transfer now!

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      All wine lovers are satiated by the meek yet naughty act of savoring and have the sensation of the mauve. There is something in the wine that snaps your devotion. You love to repeat the experience that leaves you frozen in time either by the aroma of wine or the touch on your palate.     Broadly speaking, almost every wine lover feels something inimitable with wine. In the beginning, they want to scratch more about the wine they were initially stimulated by. And with time, your interests began escalating. And finally, you start discerning or obtaining more wines from the same producer, from that designation, or through a wine tour. This is when your vistas continue expanding, and your outlet to gratify your inquisitiveness and begin trying wines from other regions or countries through extravagant wine tours.   To discover the secret about the wine you need to take a brilliant ride for wine tour with a reliable travel amenity. And to get the most out of your wine tour you definitely need to take right strides because otherwise it can be trembling.  Not only wine tour, but traveling airport can also be a headache especially when your flight is just around the corner and you don’t know how to get there in the best way possible. Business flights can come across your way anytime putting you in a fuss. Also, transfer Milan shopping transfer service Italy wine tour require a seamless guide and comfort to be never forgotten. In such situations, being a frequent traveler you need to keep yourself updated with the latest airport transfer services and facilities so that you can choose the one that suits your budget most finely. If you are still wondering and don’t know how to locate a trustworthy airport transfer partner, this guide is for you.   Steps to Choose Best Airport Transfer Service  Needs for moving airport and for wine tour can vary from person to person. Some want to move out of the city to attend a wedding ceremony or others may want to explore the city as a tourist group. Cooperate meetings and family gatherings are also the reasons that urge you to fly. Whatever the reason is, making the right decision can help you in many ways. And to make a fertile decision you need the right direction and for this, you are in the right place. Read on to learn!   Look for Comfort and Security You surely don’t want to compromise coziness and safety after a rush. This is why booking a luxurious car or van for an airport transfer service is necessary that has a successful track record throughout. Whether it is a group of tourist, trio of business persons, or a person who want to travel the country, if your ride is not comfortable or you are not feeling secure, you cannot make the most of your trip. Always get complete information about the service’s security level.   Hire a Personal Driver to Keep Up Your Privacy  It’s good if you want to hire a professional driver with luxury cars, vans, minibuses, or buses. Make sure that your in-house driver is non-smoking, polite, and prompt. They must be able to speak, Russian well, Italian and English. They must have proficient knowledge about the sites and zones prompt good shops, and eateries. License and well-trained drivers know how to take care of passengers’ choices and moods. They don’t interfere until passengers want to know about routes and the city.    Don’t Let It Out of Your Budget  While hiring a transfer Milan shopping transfer service Italy wine tour, keep an eye on all-inclusive rates, before booking either a car only or other automobiles with a driver lease.   Choose a Seamless and Knowledgeable Airport Travel Service  When you come to Italy, there are various sites worth visiting. Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, Lombardy, Piedmont, etc. are some of the regions that you surely want to explore when it comes to food and culture. Capped by Milan, Lombardy is a city with a disparity of rustic as well as glitzy localities. You will get to know that the region is famous for its top-class shops and restaurants. Piedmont is a doorway to the Alps, bordering France & Switzerland, and home to the dazzling Lake Maggiore. Moreover, Trentino alto Adige, precincts Switzerland and Austria and embraces part of the Dolomites. Not to mention, there is also the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region, where flamboyant fishing villages and beaches border the coast. So, while you are moving around via a professional airport transfer service make sure that your hired driver of an extravagant car, van, minibus, or bus facility knows the best of all routes and regions to help you make your wine tour and travel a tremendous one.     Get the Control It would be great if you can change or cancel your ride and terminus for free up until one hour before pick-up.   In a nutshell, now you don’t need to compromise for your air travel (either planned or emergency), choosing the right service can save you all stress and time. So, choose the best because you deserve the best. 

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    Val Gardena is the valley of mountain ranges which is located in the Dolomites. The resort has a very advantageous geographical location - it is situated on the border of 3 countries - Germany, Italy, Austria. This valley is perfect for alpine skiers, who want to get acquainted with the mountain slopes of the Alps for the first time, and it will become a real paradise for climbers. All the slopes of Val Gardena are ideally prepared for schussing. At any time of the year they are ready to welcome a huge number of tourists. Beautiful surroundings, cozy, clean and welcoming arms of villages and towns are complemented with the high-level modern infrastructure and the highly professional and friendly resort's employees. For any traveler a lift is available, which is built and placed up according to the latest technologies. There are more than 80 lifts to the services of tourists. Depending on different training levels, skiers and climbers can choose a place for beginners, for those who have experience in skating and climbing and for professionals. The resort provides an opportunity to use the services of Ski-Pass program. This is an ordinary magnetic card, which is a lift-pass that allows you to pass through a turnstile, use lifts and ride on any route an unlimited number of times. This is an ideal way for tourists who come to rest not for a day and do not want to spend a lot of time at the ticket offices buying single-ride tickets. You need just to attach it to the turnstile. How much does a Ski Pass cost? The price for such a lift-pass depends on the age of a tourist and on the time of a year when the trip is planning to be. In winter season, depending on the age, the price for such a 1-day card is from 49 to 54 Euro, a 2-weeks - from 349 to 449 Euro. These prices are valid only for Val Gardena Resort, the price in other resorts may differ. On local routes climbers  can acquire their first skills or to check the old ones. High-level professionals can show their skills in difficult areas: Miara peak, Gralba peak, Beguz peak. Posnekker Ruth, Oscar-Shuster-Truck, Brigata-Tridentina are the alpine routes, which are intended for professionals only. Amateur climbers who are not ready to climb to the highest peaks can use the local climbing walls and climbing parks: Frea, Bernardi, Citta dei Sassi, La Cava, Traumpfiler. Young skiers and climbers have an opportunity to visit children's mini-clubs (Selva, Santa Cristina, Ortisei). In addition to mountain skiing and climbing, fans of outdoor activities can also enjoy: - Free-ride - skiing or snowboarding in places not intended for this. The best time for freeriding is a few days after snowfall. - Ski Safari - skiing from a valley to the other valley. - Snowboarding – there are special parks for this - Piz Sella and Passo Sella. The Ski Pass program works on their territory as well. - Apre-ski - activities after climbing or skiing: visiting entertainments, cafes, restaurants, spas, baths and saunas, shopping. It usually starts after 3 pm. In summer skiing may be difficult to happen, but an opportunity to ride a bike along mountain routes (more than 30 specially created routs) and enjoy picturesque landscapes, horse riding and geocaching, visiting a huge number of local sights (castles, museums, churches) are guaranteed . Such a big variety of recreation and entertainment allowed Val Gardena to enter in the top the three the most popular resorts in Italy.

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    Italy is a land of contrasts. Contrary to the popular misconception that it is better to travel along the country in summer, in the mountainous part of the Apennine peninsula there are a lot of resort towns that will surely please all the admirers of winter sports. The most famous of them among tourists are Cortina d'Ampezzo, Madonna di Campiglio and Val Gardena. Cortina d'Ampezzo Cortina d'Ampezzo is one of the most popular mountain resorts in Italy. It is a small town situated in the north of the country and spread out in the foothills of the Alps at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. It is fully transformed in winter when some tens of thousands of tourists - lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding – are coming here.Cortina d'Ampezzo is justly considered the queen of mountain Italy. In this amazing place, all the components necessary for the birth of a unique resort have joined together: the charm of the Dolomites, the rich cultural heritage, famous Olympic facilities and original traditions of the local population. That is why a small settlement year after year attracts the world elite, gradually becoming a privileged place of rest.For fans of winter sports there are trails of various levels complexity and their length is more than 140 km, there is a theme fan-parkas well.In between the ski slopes and lifts, tourists are happy to learn about the history of Cortina, which is more than 6 centuries old. The most popular tours among the resort guests are tours to the places of the Olympics-1956 and sights dedicated to the events of the world wars of XX century. Madonna di Campiglio  Madonna Di Campiglio is another pearl of Italy, where inexperienced travelers can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and also enjoy the views of the mountain peaks of the dolomite rock. Incredibly beautiful place is located on the territory of the natural reserve of Adamello-Brenta, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The resort welcomes guests all year round, but the main season starts here from December 23 and lasts until April 14. Most tourists note the high level of service and quality conditions for practicing all kinds of sports.If in addition to sports, you are also a fan of social life, then you will probably like to visit the resort in the second half of February, because it is the time when famous Habsburg Festival is held in Madonna di Campiglio. This cultural event is dedicated to a significant visit of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph and his wife Princess Sissi to the city at the end of XIX century. The festival is celebrated on a grand scale: costume carnivals, balls to the accompaniment of Strauss's enchanting music, torchlight processions are arranged here during two weeks. This fairy event will not leave anyone indifferent and unimpressed. Val Gardena Val Gardena Valley closes the top of the three leading ski resorts in Italy. It is nestled on the north-eastern slope of the Alps, in the province of South Tyrol. It is easy to get here from any place in Europe: modern highways provide good transport accessibility from Milan, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Geneva.In addition to traditional ski activities, Val Gardena gives its visitors an opportunity to go in for climbing, trekking, horse riding, tubing and paragliding. Lovers of leisure and relax will appreciate the local spa salons and wellness centers. After a day spent on the mountain slopes, many people prefer shopping or a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants in the resort.Val Gardena infrastructure is striking with a high level of organization: the trails of various level complexity with the total length of more than 175 km are equipped with 82 lifts that conditionally divide the valley into three large resort areas.

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    Ski touring always gives a lot of positive emotions and a rich experience. In their plans for a journey to Italy, most travelers are interested in ski resorts located not far from Milan. Because choosing these resorts they, probably, mix shopping in a fabulous and fashionable pearl - Milan with an unforgettable skiing vacation. Ski resorts close to Milan There are some ski resorts which are as close to Milan as practically possible. To get to the place of resort a large company can order a group transfer. Cervinia (Breuil-Cervinia) Cervinia is a ski resort located in the north-west Italy. This vacation destination is perfect for companies with children or for those who want just go skiing. If the main requirement to snowsports holidays is extreme, then you should go to the other place, not to Cervinia. Bormio Bormio is one of the picturesque places near Milan, giving a golden opportunity to relax in the mountains. The resort is located in the Alps, and it is equipped with the trails not only for beginners but also for professionals. Here you can relax in a company of good friends and also have a great time with children, there is a specially equipped place for children in Bormio. Livigno Not far from Milan there is also Livigno resort. It was opened only a short time ago, but it is being actively developed and attention of tourists is being increasingly focused on it. It is located at the border with Switzerland. Especially this place will be appreciated by lovers of snowboarding as well as beginners or middle-level skiers.A group transfer is a usual practice for those who love to travel a lot. This kind of service is a real catch for a tourist. Visiting new countries, the last thing we want is to find a way and get lost in an unfamiliar territory. Moreover, the employees of our company speak both Russian and English, as well as many other languages. They will book a transfer for you by minibus or bus, where up to 40 people can take their seats. Also they can easily take their places with skis. 5 reasons to use a transfer• Service. Ordering a transfer, you will be provided with an excellent support service. The ordered vehicle will arrive at said address in proper time and take you from Milan to the ski resort and back.• Security. The service is supplied exclusively by professional drivers who know the route exactly.• Speed. Using a transfer you will have no need to waste your time and stop during travel. The driver will stop over at your request only.• Comfort. We provide only modern vehicles that assure comfortable placing for all passengers.• Benefit. A transfer from our company will cost you significantly cheaper than a taxi. Local taxi drivers intentionally raise their prices for tourists, choosing the longest route to the destination. Moreover, a large group with skis can not be placed in a taxi. If a large group of people with skis need to get from Milan to one of the nearby ski resorts, then a transfer is the best way. Book your transfer from Milan to ski resorts right now and get 5% discount CLICK HERE.***Valid only for book return***Tel.: +39 0294751669

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    Winter is coming. And many of our fellow countrymen have an opportunity to think about and choose their active holidays. Tignes, Les Arcs, Bourg Saint Maurice are the most beautiful places of the French Alps. The most difficult ski slopes as well as  simple and well-organized slopes for beginners are just created to attract that lovers of mountain skiing who have not yet gained experience and become a master in their favorite winter activity. Tignes Tignes ski resort is located at a height of 2100 m and 165 km from the international airport of Swiss Geneva. Eye pleasing landscapes of the Alpine foothills are not the only main advantage of the resort, but also the diversity of the ski slopes, as well as hotels proximity to them. The infrastructure, according to the review of the travelers who like mountain skiing, is one of the best in the French Alps. Tignes consists of three main stations: Val Claret, Tignes-les-Lacs and Lavash, but the trails for beginners are concentrated mostly only in the last two stations. On maps of the routs the areas for beginners are specified as Ski Tranquille, and they are located between Tignes and its famous neighbor - Val d'Isere. There are about ten of such slopes which will allow beginners to learn not only to stand on skis confidently, but also skiing experts can sharpen their skills here. In addition, there are five free of charge lifts in these zones. Les Arcs Another great place for amateur skiers is Les Arcs. The resort is located in the famous Paradi-ski region (more than 400 km of trails), and consists of La Plagne, Peisey Vallandry and Le Coch. The nearest airports are in  Chambéry, Grenoble, Turin and Geneva, and the way to the resort and back takes from 2,5 to 5 hours. Organization and infrastructure in this place of resort is at the highest level. According to the tourists' reviews, Les Arcs is one of the places where you can put skis on right off the door. Along with two ski schools, you can practice here both in a general group and with an individual instructor. The main areas for beginners training are near to Plagne Bellecôte and Plagne Center stations, located at a height of 1930 km and 1970 km. Lez-Ark is rich in green and blue trails for beginners. Their length is the longest in this place of rest, and in total it is 150 km. And to get to the slope, you can use a cheap ski pass for a few lifts valid for several days. Children up to 7 years old and the aged people (72 years) are lifting to any route for free at all. Bourg Saint Maurice Bourg-Saint-Maurice is a small town, and Bourg Saint Maurice with Les Arcs create a combined ski area. But, despite the fact that the resort is not large, and is a kind of backwater in comparison with its famous neighbor, it is friendly and welcoming for beginners and lovers of mountain skiing. Not only world speed records used to be set at the peak of the local slope (in some areas the grade of the mountain slope reaches 75 degrees), but infrastructure and hotel business are also used to be developed well and when required. The most beautiful panorama opens from the cozy houses of the French Alps. In the valley, at first glance long (45 km), you can note especially well-kept routes for beginners. You can hardly find a fair number of such experienced instructors somewhere else. And though there are just few trails for beginners, the excellent work of the staff and the magnificent natural landscape gives to this place a stable growth of tourists ... In conclusion, I wish to say: if you are a mountain skiing beginner you can choose any of the above mentioned places and in each of them you will find your own special color. So don’t hesitate to take your favorite skis with you and go on, towards adrenaline and speed! The best ski slopes for beginners in the French Alps are waiting for you! You can order a transfer to the ski resorts in France at: https://www.knopkatransfer.com or by phone: +39 0294751669

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    For successful skiing, you need to be full of energy. And where is the way to take this energy? Of course, from various luxury foods offered at the ski restaurants. European products are famous for their freshness and high taste. That is why food prepared of them is extremely delicious. In today's article, we provide you insight into the best restaurants of Cervinia and Zermatt. Cervinia is a ski resort in Italy. A signature moment of the resort are the views of the unique Matterhorn ice pyramid – it is a natural masterpiece. There are about 160 kilometers of various trails laid here. So, where to eat in Cervinia? The best and most elegant place here is La Chandelle restaurant, in English translation it means "Candle". It is located in the exquisite "Hermitage" hotel, which has “five stars class” status. "Candle" in Cervinia is twice Michelin starred, and this already speaks for itself. We recommend you to try local specialty, and give relish to dishes with the first-class Italian wines. Another paradise for gourmets in Cervinia is the restaurant at Les Neiges d'Antan Hotel. The flavor of this place is seasonal cuisine. Products from the rigorously selected farms are delivered here. Cooking time is accurately cleared up in order to deliver all the tastiness. For romance, without a moment’s hesitation you can go to Le Vieux Grenier Restaurant restaurant. Here they have candlelight dinners. The restaurant is so popular that it is better to take care of booking a table in advance. Home-made pasta and desserts are beyond praise here. And to eat pizza in Cervinia it is best to go to Falcone pizzeria-bar. Prices here are a welcome surprise - a huge pizza costs 8-12 euro.   And what about the neighborhood Zermatt resort? Where can I have lunch or dinner there? Zermatt is located in Switzerland. There are also perfect views of the beautiful Matterhorn ice pyramid. And what is more it is possible to reach one resort from the other staying on ski trail. And, if in Cervinia you can enjoy the delicacies of Italian cuisine, in Zermatt they are Swiss already. Zermatt is a ski resort in Switzerland, it is located in the very heart of the Swiss Alps, there are the longest trails and elevations here. Le Mazot restaurant is designed in a true Swiss style. They have amazing grilled dishes. We recommend you to taste a lamb cooked on charcoal. It is not so easy to get into Prato Borni restaurant in Zermatt resort. There is a strict dress code, the guests should be in dinner clothes only. But it is the place where you can arrange a stunning romantic evening with first-class wine, the best tasty lobster in Thermidor sauce and finger-licking Suzette pancakes. Heimberg restaurant offers a modern taste of classic Swiss dishes. Serving dishes here turns into a real show. They have excellent service and an almost endless wine list. If you want something exotic, in Lanna Thai restaurant you can be carried away to hot Thailand. Here they offer oriental cuisine for those who prefer spicy dishes. Near Cervinia there is Valtournenche resort which is a part of Cervinia. It is the highest ski resort in Italy. The main feature of this place is that it works all year round, snow lies here even in July and August. Climbing higher is worth not only for trails, they are excellent here, but for enjoying various delicacies, which are also beyond praise here.  You’d better visit Big Ben Pizzeria in Valtournenche on Friday or Sunday, because these are fish days here. And Italian seafood is famous for its freshness and useful properties. And of course, it is Valtournenche where you should try the dishes of valdosta cuisine. Here you can find them almost at any restaurant. The main feature of this cuisine is that all the ingredients the dishes are prepared of are grown in the region of Valle d'Aosta mountain valley. And this is the very ideal alpine valley, familiar to all of us by TV ads - emerald grass, mountains and cows grazing in this beautiful place. The air here is clean and fresh, and the water has its own unique taste. Dishes made of local products are very special. You can taste delicacies of Valdostan cuisine in the following restaurants -  Antica trattoria Lo Gurfo, Brasserie Du Cervin, Jaj Alaj and La Goille.

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    Recently I visited the French ski resorts, because I adore snowboarding. This is a real paradise where I am going to spend all my winter months.The height of the mountains is almost 4000 km. The mountain massif is formed naturally and runs along the border of France. The snow here is thick as blackberries thanks to frequent storms, so you can snowboarding freely and do various tricks. But I wish to tell about the three ski slopes which are definitely worth a ride. Chamonix Chamonix ski slope is a real visiting card of the Alpine mountains. It is located on the top of the crystalline massif - Mont Blanc.The length of the slope here is 170 km. You can do any kind of tricks while skating. The mountain is perfect not only for the real snowboarders, who has been riding for many years, but for beginners as well. You just need to choose an appropriate route, because they significantly differ by characteristics.There are two large schools that teach people how to ride correctly and safely. And to lift up you can use special lifts or wait for a bus that goes every 10 minutes.As for the weather, it is delicious here. Though the snow is thick, the air temperature is 5 degrees below zero. This is the most optimal climate for skiing.The view from the mountains is simply fascinating - incredible white-snow slopes, forests all around and many tourists traveling from different countries.Chamonix resort is popular at any time of the year, but winter is the perfect time for snowboarders, they should come here in December and January. Courchevel There is another famous resort center - Courchevel. I've been here before.The ski slope is situated in the central part of the Tarentez Valley. The view is amazing! But the tourists are attracted by the slope, which is 150 km long. There are levels of different complexity, where real professionals like me and also beginners are snowboarding. They are wide enough, so people can safely skiing and snowboarding and making maneuvers on the snow. Experienced instructors, there are more than 900 of them here, teach how to stand on board, keep the balance stand, hit the slope safely and stop correctly. There are even special schools where even preschool and adolescence children are taught all these processes to. The ski trails are different: steep and gently sloping. Inexperienced tourists /beginners/ should choose green trails, which have sufficient width and low grade. But for extreme sport fans it is better to ride on blue trails. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.The best time for rest here is from late November to early March. You may life the mountain by ski lifts. They work reliably and stably. There are many lifts here.In the resort there are places for rest, where you can have a great time, but this slope will remain for a long time in my memory. Val d’Isere I learned to ride a snowboard on the slopes of Val d'Isere. That was my first experience, when I was terribly worried. But I’ve got an experienced instructor, who taught and showed me everything.Seeing the incredibly long and lofty mountain, I remained in amazement. White snow is everywhere and an immense expanse!The slope of Val d'Isere includes the three main skiing places - Soleis, Belvard and Kohl-de-Lieserand. They are intended for professionals. But during the first experience, I trained on the gentle slopes that were made for beginners. Now I freely ride on extreme trails, which are full of surprises. Coming here It is worth for those who want to experience many unique emotions and feel adrenaline. For lifting, the most modern lifts are used, they work stably.

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    Skiing France. Val Thorens is the highest resort in Europe Val Thorens is the French ski resort which literally and figuratively is at the highest level. It is considered the highest resort in Western Europe - the place is located at around 2300 meters above sea level. And also service level and trails quality are beyond all praise. Tip-top Val Thorens is a part of a well-known ski area called "Three Valleys" or “Trois Vallees” in French. This is the place where the most famous and best in the world French ski slopes are located. On the slopes you often can meet famous athletes who sharpen their skills here before competitions. And also the guests of Val Thorens are invited to lift by the cable railway to Pierre Lorit high-altitude view point (at a height of 2300 meters) to enjoy stunning sights, and the most desperate can even schuss from here. But you should remember that Val Thorens is a high-mountain resort. That is why it can be difficult at first time but it will be for a little while. After lifting, you need to wait for a while to give your body time to acclimate and get used to it. But then you will get a lot of fun skiing on the local slopes, there are many and various of them here. How to get to Val Thorens The nearest airport is Chambery, it is 112 kilometers from Val Thorens. It takes about an hour to get here by bus. Geneva airport is 120 kilometers away from the resort, and Lyon airport is 200 kilometers from Val Thorens. The resort is not isolated from neighboring skiing areas. That’s why you can get to Val Thorens from other villages even ski-running. For example, it will take just one hour and a half to get from Val Thorens to the furthest Courchevel skiing. On your way you can enjoy beautiful nature of the French Alps. But if you do not want to go there skiing, then you can use ski-buses that run between the resorts. The trails offered in Val Thorens The trails of Val Thorens grew to 140 kilometers in length. The resort is suitable both for beginners and experienced skiers. There are 66 trails and 30 ski lifts here. Up to 52 thousand people per hour can freely ski in Val Thorens. The season lasts from the beginning of November till the end of May. To have rest from skiing, guests are offered a great many of international restaurants, as well as hotels, swimming pools and spas, and some of them are directly under the open sky. What could be better than relaxing in warm water after skiing being surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. Book your transfer to Val Thorens right now and get 5% discount CLICK HERE.***Valid only for book return***Tel.: +39 0294751669

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    Climbing Matterhorn ice pyramid. Thrill rides in Switzerland Matterhorn pyramid looks cosmic. It is such a giant tooth that stands out in the Alps thanks to its unusual shape. There is a feeling that this is some kind of extraterrestrial construction. Extreme lovers climb the unique pyramid and even schuss from it. Free ride is also popular in this mountain area. Wonder of nature Some creations of nature are amazing. And Matterhorn ice pyramid is one of them. This is such a broken tetrahedron, the height of which is 4 and a half thousand meters. It is considered to be the most photogenic place in the Alps, photos and videos made here are perfect. And it is known as very difficult to win. The first ascent ended tragically. And only in the second half of the 19th century it was succeeded to win the top of Matterhorn. Skating overlooking the pyramid Matterhorn pyramid the brightest pearl of beauty of Zermatt resort. There are about 360 kilometers of trails of different level complexity. And skiing almost on any of them you can admire the beautiful views of this mountain with such a unique shape. Skiers feel that Matterhorn, like a guardian angel, is constantly watching them. The best view overlooking the unusual pyramid opens from Monte Rosa view point, at the altitude of 3089 meters. Free ride is very popular in this mountain area. You can lift up to the hill side of Matterhorn pyramid, there are lifts and funiculars. When does the season for skiing start in the area of ​​the ice pyramid? The snow lies here from the middle of October. And all the riding zones are open from  November 25. How to get to Matterhorn Pyramid Matterhorn mountain looks like a pyramid, that is why people called it Matterhorn pyramid. It has a unique location on the border between two countries - Italy and Switzerland. And this means that you can get here from any of these countries. And, if you go from the Swiss side - on your way you will see amazing views. The highway runs along Rhone river, which flows into Geneva Lake. We highly recommend this route. From the Italian side it is also convenient to reach Matterhorn from Turin or Aosta. Book your transfer to Zermatt resorts right now and get 5% discount CLICK HERE.***Valid only for book return***Tel.: +39 0294751669